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Bite Prevention services: Psychologist - Social Workers

Teresa Lewin's Protocol for dog bite victims:  Victims of dog bites can be survivors.  Teresa can help dog bite victims recover by working directly with their therapist to help the victim regain a healthy perspective towards dogs. 

Teresa Lewin has dedicated her career to working with dog bite victims. She realizes from experience of working with dog bite victims from all over the world what their needs are, and how important working with a therapist means to ensure a patients recovery.

Teresa advocates that any person who has been bitten by a dog seek a referral from their family M.D. to see a therapist within the first 48 hours.


Teresa Lewin will work with a therapist only. This is important as the rest of the victims life is at stake.  Having said this, Teresa feels it is of utmost importance how the ‘exposure’ of the dog be presented in each case.  In each case Teresa feels it’ is a true honor and privilege to work with a dog bite victim and their therapist.  Teresa has a protocol for working with dog bite victims based on real life situations and her experiences working hand in hand with the therapist.

If you are a dog bite victim and you want to become a survivor, please ask your family doctor for a referral for a therapist who deals with PTSD.  If your child has been bitten by a dog, ask for a therapist who works specifically with PTSD and children.  Ask your therapist to contact Teresa immediately to insure the most expeditious recovery.


Please take a moment to watch a small series of video's - Teresa working with a dog bite victim using Tag Teach concepts.



YouTube Video

If you are a therapist or *individual seeking help, 
please contact Teresa at: for more information.  References and consulting fee's available 
upon request.

*if you are an individual in need of assistance finding a therapist in your area who specializes in PTSD, please do not hesitate to call.