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Train the trainer! Become the best Sport Detection teacher, train with Teresa!

Teresa will occasionally take on a dog trainer with the following attributes and criteria below to teach Sport Detection classes, or a teacher who wants to add some new tools to their tool box!   

  •  5 years teaching experience with dogs and people.
  • Is currently taking a accredited dog training course.
  • Provide references
  • Titled dogs in competition -tracking is desirable as is obedience.
  • Titled dog in SDDA started and advanced or
  • Titled dog in other scent association to level 1, 2
  • Is a Certified scent instructor with another accredited organization
  • Desirable attributes:  Team orientated able to work with group of people, adapts quickly, teaching background that comes highly recommended, loves dogs, open to use of marid of teaching tools.
Contact Teresa for details as hands on experience is desirable as well.  Also, She can recommend dog training schools, courses to meet her criteria above or work with your current course instructor.

  • Long distance skyping and or host a workshop in your province!  
  • Week long courses, one day, or hour(s).