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Updated Sport Detection Bio: 2014


Doggone Safe, Doggone Crazy!, Animal Behaviour, and Scent work

Teresa Lewin’s vast experience both in the professional handling, training and conditioning of detection dogs as well as regularly consults with major corporations with respect to animal behaviour to producing and appearing in a mini series of children training puppies for a major national television network.  Teresa has appeared numerous times for television and radio interviews who seek her expert opinions regarding animal behaviour-specifically canine.  Teresa co-founded the first ever multiple award winning non-profit dedicated solely to dog bite prevention through education and victim support, which is multiple award winning, premier organization of its kind and is now represented in 9 different countries world-wide.

As a result of her combined experiences and expertise, Teresa has been appointed one of 3 prestigious appointed positions of training director for the SDDA board. To that end, Teresa continues to fulfil her duties passionately as one of the training directors for the board of the SDDA.  She owes a huge thank you to Pando of Olympus k9 for the opportunity to learn all there is to know about detection dog and related work in the security industry and to Russ Fox for his help and expertise.

It’s no secret that Teresa is passionate about dog bite prevention-raising happy healthy dogs within the family unit and crazy about all things that involve canine scent work.  Teresa Lewin has worked with her own dogs and other dogs in the Search and Rescue arena with a great interest in canine tracking, trailing and specific odour identification from her experience raising working line GSD’s for farm work as a young girl.  She is a highly sought after world renowned professional lecturer and has been all over North America discussing topics of Canine and animal behaviour!  She is award winning innovator and accomplished award winning author, most notably her ‘Top Mentor’ peer reviewed award teaching and mentoring students of dog training and behaviour as well as dog owners. She has  also won high in trials in obedience and competed in IPO. Teresa owes her mentor Dr. Ed Bailey (UofG) retried- for her education and experience with respect to animal behaviour!


The Sporting Detection Dogs Association of Canada

Teresa was excited about the incorporation of the SDDA, and could see how it fulfilled all things she is passionate about.  To that end, Teresa has retired to devote the rest of her life to the SDDA.

Teresa has actively participated in all aspects of the SDDA from its inception lending her expertise to the boards future endeavours while  gathering valuable information and experience with respect to the sport, to the teaching of sporting detection dog classes for novice dog teams, conducting DOT’s, workshops as well as trialing her dog to become the first in Canada to hold ‘high in working stream’   with an over- all high in trial which made history during the first inaugural trial for the SDDA.  Yukonn Vom Amalaberg holds both the Started and Advanced working stream titles with a special notation ‘sp’ for successfully gaining titles by completing all 3 elements (container, interior and exterior) in one day.  Her other rescue dog GSD Crash who hails from L.A. has also earned his D.O.T. and she continues to work towards titling him and her other GSD Q.  The result of her collective expertise and major contributions over-all in the industry of animal behaviour,  training, teaching and combined experiences with respect to the SDDA, Teresa has earned the prestigious title of Certified Sport Detection Dog Judge to continue to pave the path towards excellence and success for the Sporting Detection Dogs Association.  


Teresa Lewin has presided over 5 trials  across Canada to date, and is scheduled to Judge 2 more confirmed trials in Alberta Red Deer, as well she has many workshops booked well into 2014 through-out North America.  She is also a confirmed Judge for future trials to be announced this spring in Ontario.  Teresa continues to find time to teach sport detection classes, and consult for major dog bite prevention community projects.