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‘Sniffing On! Nose workouts Workshops’ --Teresa Lewin ©™

“Whom-ever shall engage the dogs nose with a game, shall indeed unlock the dogs mind, body and spirit; thus, bringing to fruition a profound relationship with which the dog shall give its all.” ~Teresa Lewin
There is no doubt that the two days will be exhilarating and fun. The ‘paws and hands on’ component engages all who are present spreading positive energy like lighting through-out the venue leaving no attendee (human or dog) untouched  by its vigour and spirit. 

The sport is truly engaging all that is natural for the dog and the handler benefits by founding a relationship with their dog that supersedes any previous conceptions they may have had post workshop!

Audits will participate vicariously through each working component sitting on the edge of their seats! It’s truly amazing and super fun, tail wagging time!

Workshops regularly run from 10 am to 4pm with breaks and lunch.  Wear comfortable clothing, running shoes, you will need them!

Consider the below before you choose your workshop presenter:

“No teacher can ever be completely successful by entering a teaching situation with a pallet of regimented components.  That said, having the experience and foresight to be able to modify a pre-written training regime solely relying on collective expertise in the training game over the years is a highly valuable teaching attribute.  This is an attribute that should be considered when dissemination of information is the end goalthus lending to the future success of the student (s) before me.  Each dog team varies depending on emotional needs and capabilities with respect to their specific learner needs.  It’s my job to ensure I can tap into that.  Each dog and handler will tell me what can and can’t be accomplished.  Having said that,  It’s my objective to impart my knowledge in a way that all my learners (dogs and human) are successful. 

It is always an honour and privilege to share in the ‘awe’ moments that the team and I share, which leave me inspired to train another day.  After spending time reminiscing on my experiences with respect to detection dog related work over the years, my quote above resonates and embodies all that is the detection dog of today.” Teresa Lewin 

Sniffing On! Nose Workout workshops:

  • Beginners workshop One:
  • Introduces different approaches to form association of reward and odour,  building the hunt, utilizing different approaches for teams to build enthusiasm to find the reward.

  • Beginners Two:
  • involves odour and hunt process, how to use reward, leash handling 101 and how odour behaves.

  • Advanced Workshop One:
  • All handling tips, relationship building to pass the Designated Odour Test! 

  • Advanced two:
  • Let's play in the interior and vehicles too!  (class trips)

  • Advanced three:
  • Ready for Trial!  Work on relationship building the ultimate trust to compete. (class trips)

  • TRIAL PREP: (popular with Trials)
  • This workshop gives handlers tips through hands on workshop for problem solving, fine tuning, and how to compete and much more!