Presenter FAQ

I have many years of experience showing and/or competing with my own dogs, is this the type of experience you are looking for?

No, we are looking for people with experience working with clients and their dogs who have had training or mentorship through a qualified individual or school and at least 5 years of experience as professional dog trainers or behaviour consultants. Qualifications will be assessed on a case by case basis, so by all means apply if you think you may be qualified.

What do you mean by "commitment to continuing education"?

We are looking for presenters who are interested in continuing to learn about dogs and dog behaviour and who have demonstrated this interest by keeping up to date on the latest information by attending lectures and seminars and/or reading or taking on-line courses.

Why do I have to be committed to positive-reinforcement based training?

Teresa Lewin is committed to promoting positive-reinforcement based training and as such expects presenters in representing us to uphold this same commitment. Often dog training questions come up during these sessions and we want to be sure that the answer to any such question involves a positive reinforcement-based answer. We do not want our presenters to suggest a punishment-based solution to a dog training problem or an intimidation-based answer to a dog situation since that may put the dog owner or worker at risk of a bite.

I don't have any professional certifications, can I still apply?

Yes, we will take your experience into account. Please apply if you think you are qualified, even if you do not have any certifications.

Can I take your on-line courses after my application has been accepted?

Yes, you can submit your application and then take the courses only after you have been accepted as a potential presenter. You must still pass both courses with a score of 100% on the quizzes. You must pay for the courses yourself.

Doggone Safe members get $10 off each course, so be sure to join Doggone Safe before you enroll in the courses. There are no refunds after the fact.

How do I arrange to take the training session from Doggone Safe?

You can take the Doggone Smart at Work training session after you have been approved as a potential presenter and after you have taken the on-line courses. You will be able to schedule your training session to suit your schedule and it will be done on-line with a phone link or via teleconference. This may be a private session or there may be a small number of other presenters on the call as well. We will provide instructions for arranging your training session once you have completed the application process.

What is covered in  the training session from Doggone Safe?

This training session for certification will include a minimum of 3 to 7 days of training depending on the experience of the candidate. Training will be held in Ontario Canada.  Some presenters are not able to train abroad, therefore, in some cases, training is modified by working on-line. Training includes live working service dogs, shelter dogs and family pet dogs. Training is held in a kennel environment.  All aspects of the program will be covered including, discussion of the answers to some common and some difficult questions that attendees have asked the presenter in the past. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the presentation. You will have already taken the course on-line so you will be familiar with the content. You will be provided with a disk containing the PowerPoint presentation that you will actually use and you can follow along with this during the training session. The training session may take place in an on-line classroom where all participants will see the PowerPoint at the same time on their screens and can communicate with the instructor and with each other on the phone. Other options will include a visit to wonderful Ontario Canada where training will take place at a wonderful working dog kennel. You will receive detailed instructions about how to access the training session when the time comes. Click here to download the training session checklist.

How much does the training session cost?

Please contact Teresa or Kathleen as the course certification fees vary depending on candidate’s experience and the objective of the certification.

Can I join Doggone Safe once I know for sure that I have been accepted as a Be Doggone Safe at Work Presenter?

No. We only accept applications from Doggone Safe members. Your membership fee will not be refundable if you join only to be a presenter and then it turns out that you are not qualified.

How do I join the presenters discussion forum?

You will have access to this through the presenters only web page. This will appear in the menu at the Doggone Safe site once you have become certified.

What is the license agreement?

Download it here and you can read all about it.

What do I get for the $600 license fee?

Here is what you get for your $600:

  •  On going support via on-line support group and a presentation that has been researched, well maintained, and ready to go.
  •  PowerPoint of the program on a CD (or via download) for your exclusive use.
  • A certificate indicating that you are a licensed presenter of the Be Doggone Smart at Work program.
  •  Use of Doggone Smart at Work name.
  • The opportunity to be paid to do presentations.
  • Access to the Be Doggone Smart at Work presenters web page and discussion forum.
  • On-going marketing support.
  • Access to program updates (if applicable).
  • Exclusive rights (for all certified presenters) to sell occupational dog bite prevention products created by Doggone Crazy! and released for this purpose. We will post information about these at the Forum when such information is available.

When do I pay the license fee?

You must pay the one-time $600 license fee before you receive the Doggone Smart at Work training session. You can take this training at any time after your eligibility has been confirmed by Teresa Lewin (subject to availability). You can begin marketing the program as soon as your application has been approved and you can pay the license fee and take the training once you have a confirmed booking with a customer if you wish.

When do I pay the license maintenance fee?

The license maintenance fee will be due one year following your first full year as a presenter. For example, if you became a presenter in March 2008, your license maintenance fee would be due each March starting in 2009. This gives you a full year to decide whether the income you generate is worth maintaining the license.

What if I don't pay the maintenance fee?

Your license will be suspended and you will no longer have the right to be a presenter of the Be Doggone Smart at Work program. You will be sent a reminder when your maintenance fee is due.

Do I need a laptop and projector before I become a licensed presenter?

No, you will not need these until we have a presentation booked for you for a customer that does not have their own equipment. We prefer to run presentations off a jump drive using the customer's equipment since this reduces the chance of technical problems.

How much will I get paid?

You will be paid $300 for each presentation. If you have to travel, then you will be compensated for time lost due to travel to be negotiated on a case by case basis. You will earn the amount you paid for the license fee back in only 2 presentations!

Can I do presentations for smaller groups for less money?

Yes, if you want to do a presentation for a small group and earn less than $300 you may be able to do this. Please discuss this with us on a case by case basis. The financial arrangement must still be negotiated through Teresa Lewin.

When will I get paid?

You can send us an invoice and you will be paid as soon as the presentation is complete. Travel expenses will be paid for you or will be promptly refunded once you have submitted the receipts. We only book presentations for customers who pay 50% in advance and agree in writing to pay the full amount after the presentation. Our payment policies insure that you get paid promptly.

How do I arrange for presentations?

All presentations must be booked through Teresa Lewin. If we get a request in your area or region we will contact you. If you are contacted by a potential customer then you instruct them to contact Teresa Lewin. We send them a quotation. Once they accept this in writing and agree to pay 50% in advance then we book the presentation for a date that is acceptable to you and the customer. We accept bookings based on written agreements only. We book travel arrangements only after the customer has paid 50% of the fee in advance.

Can I do presentations on my own using the Be Doggone Smart at Work PowerPoint presentation?

No you cannot. This would be a violation of the license agreement and you would make your license null and void. You would be requested to return the program to us.

Can I do free presentations for other non-profit groups such as animal shelters?

This may be possible if you are willing to work for free. This can be addressed on a case by case basis. All such presentations must be approved by Teresa Lewin.

Can I help with marketing?

Yes you can! Marketing materials are available at the marketing materials link. You are encouraged to use these in any way to help inform potential customers about the program. The more of an effort you make to inform potential customers about the program, the more work you are likely to get. If you want to create your own marketing materials these must be approved by Teresa Lewin before you send them out.

If you have any ideas for marketing materials please let us know and we will try to create them.