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There are several information files that explain the Doggone Smart at Work program. These can be used to explain the program and agenda in detail. You may request a copy by emailing:

There is also a file with testimonials from attendees, which you can download from the attachments below.

Reducing risk by alerting wild lfe and people to your dogs presence while out for leash free walks in woods: 

Note the bells on this dogs collar in the photo to the right? The cow bells are used to alert the wild life that we are visiting their home, plus, it will also alert any persons in the area that dogs are present or near. I religiously place cow bells on all dogs collars whenever we are in a training environment on or off our property. Even though my dogs are trained on private property, I can never be sure if a person may wander into the area where my dogs are loose. It is better to era on the side of caution then risk a dangerous situation from developing. No one dog owner is perfect, all we can do is reduce risk where and when we can.
We can reduce risk by:
  • Visit your favourite doggie pet store and look for cow bells to attach to your dogs collar. My favourite doggie pet shop is: they can also order your doggie cow bells for you on line! Check them out today. Also, Bauhoundhaus offers positive dog training and seminars/workshops in the GTA area of Ontario Canada.
  • Enrolling in dog classes for the life of our dogs-dog training is not a ‘one shot deal’ as a friend and mentor Dr. Ed Bailey has always maintained.
  • Learn to speak dog- see our basic body language on line course. It’s a great deal and priceless for the life of your loving furry friend. If you don’t know what your dog is saying to you, how can you begin developing a relationship with him?
  • Touch desensitize your dog! “You can’t prepare the world for your dog, however, you can prepare your dog for the world.” Teresa Lewin. Teach your dog that humans touching his/her body can be rewarding. Use food or a toy to teach this behaviour. Have family members and friends help you once your dog is good with this exercise. Teach your dog to share, using a reward like food or toys. Your dog trainer can help you with all these exercises. These two exercises are not about dominance or submission. These exercises are all about the species and are intrinsic to the dogs culture. Believe it or not teaching your dog these two exercises can seriously reduce the risk of a dog bite from any dog.
  • Supervise children with the family dog at all times.
  • Do not leave your dog unsupervised in the back yard. (dogs can learn bad habits when left alone.)
  • Leash your dog for walks in public places.
  • Ask permission to use private property to train or run your dogs off leash.
See Teresa’s Bad rules at for more information and articles about dog bite prevention. Keep your doggies safe, keep your children safe, join Doggone Safe, help us to help the world conquer dog bite prevention, one paw at a time!

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