Customer FAQ

What is covered in the Be Doggone Smart at Work Program?

The program focuses on understanding dog body language communication and preventing interactions with dogs. The main topics are:

  • Why do dogs bite?
  • Interpreting dog body language
  • Bite risk assessment
  • Course of action
  • The role of fear

You can download a PDF demo (may not work on a Mac) with working video links (you will need to be connected to the internet to watch the videos). The demo shows a few of the videos and some of the slides and will give you a good idea of the content and quality of the course. See the main page for more.

Do you use live dogs in your presentation?

No we do not use live dogs. We use lots of photos and videos. We are not trying to provide entertainment, we are providing safety training. Our approach focuses on preventing interactions between workers and dogs and so we do not need a live dog. We do not teach people how to fight a dog off. There are very few, if any, people who can successfully fight a dog without causing injury to themselves and making the situation worse. Our methods preclude the need for any kind of physical violence with dogs.

What are the qualifications of your presenters?

Our presenters are highly qualified. Here is the list of requirements we make of our presenters.

Be Doggone Smart at Work Presenter Requirements

Dog-Related Experience Requirements:

        Dog training and/or behaviour consulting experience, 5 years or more.

        Commitment to continuing education.

        Commitment to positive-reinforcement based training methods.

        Provide 2 professional references (veterinarian, professor, dog trainer, dog  behaviour consultant).

        List professional certifications/qualifications related to dog training/behaviour.

Public Speaking or Teaching Experience Requirements:

        Comfortable and experienced at teaching or speaking to a group.

        Provide 1 reference that can attest to speaking ability.

        List professional certifications/qualifications related to teaching/lecturing.

Doggone Safe Training Requirements:

     Complete the on-line version of the Be Doggone Smart at Work course. Pass the quiz with a score of 100%

     Complete the on-line Basic Body Language course. Pass the quiz with a score of 100%

     Attend a training session hosted by Doggone Safe on-line or via teleconference (included with payment of license fee).

Other Requirements:

     Be a Doggone Safe member in good standing.

     Join the Doggone Safe presenter Yahoo group.

     Sign the Be Doggone Smart at Work license agreement.

     Own your own laptop computer and projector capable of playing PowerPoint presentation with videos.

How much does the program cost?

Please contact us for a customized quote. Travel expenses will apply if there is no presenter in your local area.

The on-line course is $50 per person. Various pricing options are available depending on the size of your group, the length of time students need to be enrolled in the course and how you want to to pay. The per person charge can be much lower depending on your needs and the size of your group. Ask for a customized quote.


What are your payment terms?

50% in advance and the rest 30 days after the presentation. We will book your program as soon as you have sent us a PO signed by an authorized representative of your company or you have returned your signed quotation. We accept these by mail, fax or as email attachments. We will book travel arrangements only after we have received the first payment. There are no exceptions. We accept cheques, money orders, VISA and Mastercard.


How do I book a program?

Call  or send an email to Teresa Lewin (

Are you willing to customize the program content for my workers?

Yes, we are happy to work with you and your training department to make sure that the program meets the needs of your workers. This applies to the on-line version and the live seminar version. Additional charges may apply depending on the amount of work involved.

Are you willing to train our training department so that they can train our workers in-house?

Not usually. We require our presenters to be dog professionals with at least five years of appropriate experience and a commitment to positive reinforcement-based dog training. If you have an in-house trainer who meets our requirements then we would be happy to train them to present to your workers. We include a question and answer segment in the live seminar and often these are difficult questions that a lay person would not be able to answer satisfactorily. Many people have knowledge about dogs that they have picked up along the way and we want to be sure that only the most up to date and correct information is given out during the Q&A session. This means that we are only willing to have our own presenters answer questions from your workers. There are always questions and we feel it is important to have them answered during the session.

Contact: Teresa Lewin