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What Should You Do After A Dog Bite Attack?

Seek Medical Treatment as Soon as Possible for Your Dog Bite Injuries. Dog bites can be a serious risk for infection; contact a physician, call an ambulance or go to an emergency  room.  

Identify the Dog That Bit You  You or someone helping you should try to identify the dog that attacked you.   The owner's identity is important because the owner is the responsible party in dog bite cases, and the owner's home insurance company is usually the entity that pays for the dog bite injuries. 

Report the Dog Bite Attack  Report the dog bite attack to the local county animal control or police agency. Provide information about the dog, including the owner's name and address if known. If the dog was a stray, describe the appearance of the dog and the last known location to animal control in your area.

Have Photos Taken of the Dog Bite Injuries  As soon as it is practical after the dog bite attack, take photographs of all visible injuries, including wounds and lacerations. Also, take photos of any torn/bloody clothing and the area in which the incident occured. If possible take pictures of the dog itself.

Contact a Reputable and Experienced Dog Bite Attorney  After a dog bite attack you may be facing significant pain, treatments, medical bills, and perhaps pressure from an insurance company to give statements or settle cheaply. Prompt action by your dog bite lawyer is necessary to preserve evidence, locate witnesses, and identify defendants. 
Don't sign any document without discussing it with Your Attorney.  Effective dog bite lawyers can seek full compensation for all of the damages which will help cover costs for any surgeries or rehabilitation. All types of compensation might be available to the dog bite victim. Medical bills (both past and future) - Loss of wages - Pain and suffering - Lifetime care and medical costs - reduced earning capacity and damages from future complications of the injuries sustained in the dog attack.

The dog bite laws vary from state to state, but all states generally hold dog owners liable for a dog attack if they knowingly kept a dog that had previously bitten someone, or that had shown a dangerous tendency to bite someone. Almost all states place liability on someone who orders or makes a dog attack another person. 

Bite victims and dangerous dogs 

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